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Providence Express Care: 

Video provider visits 

     Often you get an ear infection, cold, or other condition and just want to chat with a nurse or doctor about it from the comfort of your own home--saving time and money.

    Providence offers a video service to both members and non-Providence members. Providence members in 2018 (for most plans) can see a board-certified medical provider for $0 copay.  The service is called Express Care Virtual.

    Non-members can see a provider for a $49 cost per visit cost. This is great for a variety of situations when you want to discuss your health issue, have a cold, need to renew a prescription, and non-emergency situations.   Take some time to read more about this service at the Link below:  
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VIA COMPUTER:  If you're using a laptop or computer with a camera, you can create an account by clicking the link below:


Once you get an account set up you can log in, then talk with one of the doctors or nurses.    
VIA PHONE OR TABLET:  If you are searching for the app on the Play Store, search for the Express Care Virtual app.
   For those with a  Providence Individual plans, you can use the video service for a $0 copay per visit (Standard Bronze HSA charges a $49 fee).
   For non-Providence members, you can use the service for a $49.00 fee per visit. 


When to Use Express Care Virtual

 (The info below is from the Providence web site)
When you or your child is sick,
 provides a great alternative to a traditional doctor's office or urgent care visit.

Express Care Virtual is a great option, particularly in these situations:

  • You'd like a diagnosis and treatment for a common health concern
  • You feel like you should see a doctor, but don't have enough time for a visit
  • Your doctor can't get you in for a same-day appointment or find a time that fits with your schedule
  • Your doctor's office is closed and you don't want to go to an urgent care or hospital
  • You feel too sick or contagious to leave your home
  • The thought of traffic, parking and waiting at a clinic with other sick or contagious patients is a deterrent from getting care
  • You want a second opinion
  • You have a high-deductible health plan or no insurance coverage at all and need a low-cost care option
  • You need a prescription refill*

    All Providence Virtual Visits physicians and nurse practitioners can provide a prescription in accordance with state laws and when medically appropriate. We cannot refill controlled medications (narcotic pain medications, benzodiazepines, etc.). Please contact your prescribing provider for these refills.

Note: If you are having a life-threatening emergency, call 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.


Disclaimer:   As a broker, I'm letting you know about this service, but not recommending it above a face-to-face visit with your provider of choice.