Providence is one of the more stable health insurance companies, offering diverse plan options and relatively lower prices. They have Oregon's largest contracted provider network in Oregon with plans both direct and through the Marketplace.

Providence Plan Comparison

   I created an overview chart below to compare most of the Providence plans side-by-side. This chart offers a quick look at the pricing and the copays for various key services. The rates illustrated are for a non-smoker living in the Portland area.  


Providence Company Plan Brochure

Note the full Providence Brochure below shows all of the plans and rates in Oregon. Please take time to read the fine print on the plans as well. You can view the brochure now by clicking on the link below:

Providence Brochure with Plans & Rates.pdf     

Provider Directory Link:

Network Notes:

   The HSA & Standard Plans use the Signature Network (which includes the National Network), and the Connect and Choice plans use the Choice & Connect Networks.  With the Connect and Choice plans, you need to pick a "Medical Home Clinic" and go there first for Primary Care. To go outside of your MHC you need a referral to see another provider or specialist in the Connect or Choice Network.

 1. Apply Direct to Providence with a paper application

      For 2017 Direct-written business is submitted via a paper application.  (There is no online appliction until Providence updates their portal). You can enroll by completing the fillable PDF below, printing it off, signing, and then sending the application to me for review.  Please  print off the application by clicking on the link below:


   You must apply by the 15th of the month to get a start date of the 1st of the next month. Direct-written policies are not eligible for a tax credit, so if you think in the course of the year that you may qualify for a tax credit, enroll through the Federal Marketplace.  If you are unsure, browse at: 

2.  Enroll through the Federal Marketplace

   LET ME HELP YOUIf you have a computer and internet we set up a screen-share appointment and I will do your application while you watch.  Doing it together may help you avoid a costly error, and I can save you half the time you would spend on your own.

   If you prefer to enroll on your own I would appreciate your adding in my name, Dan Neils NPN  757811 if you do. There is a small box that asks " Is someone assisting you in completing this enrollment?".  Adding me as your agent and is required for me to be compensated and comes at no cost to you.  Thank you.

Learn about the prescription drug coverage

   If you take expensive prescription drugs, it is important to understand the list of covered prescription drugs, also called the "Drug Formulary".   Different drugs are covered under different 'tier's, and the plans differ in what tier's are paid for before the deductible, and which are paid after your deductible.  You can explore this topic at the link below.


    After you submit your paper application, you must make payment before the policy is finalized.  After enrollment Providence will either email you or mail you information on making this first payment and they give you an application number for reference.  If you lose this information you can pay online at

Option 2 is to pay by phone by calling the Enrollment dept at 888-816-1300 and make a phone payment.   


Providence customer service:   503-574-7500

Providence Free Nurse Hotline: 800-700-0481 or 503-574-652

Providence Video Visits:  Express Care Virtual

    If you have a laptop, tablet with camera, or smart phone you can set up the video visit with Providence.   From a computer use the link below to set up an account:

From a smart phone, download the Express Care Virtual app to install and set up an account.  


VSP Vision Providers:  If your plan includes vision:  

     If you buy a plan with vision coverage, the in-network provider network is called VSP.  You can search for local providers at:




On the Providence Broker page below you can read detailed summaries of what is excluded in the 2017 Providence Medical Plans.

































































































































2017 Providence Brochure

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2017 Providence Application

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2017 Providence Plan Change Form

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2017 Providence Plans compared

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