Welcome to my website!

    I have enjoyed helping Oregonian's navigate the complicated health insurance landscape for over 15 years.  This website was designed to help you to better understand the many health-related insurance options available.

    In the tabs to the left, you will find detailed discussions of the various insurance products I represent.  Good information leads to a more informed decision.   


     The 2018 Tax Bill passage will mainly impact individual health plans in one way:   The person who chooses to not purchase an ACA qualified health insurance in 2019 will no longer be assessed a tax penalty.  If health insurance leaves you feeling 'priced out' there are alternative plans that are less expensive in the Short Term insurance market.

      So why work with a Broker?  

    Although you can find all the insurance plan information on the internet, with the complexity, high cost, confusing provider networks, and tax issues to consider, it is helpful to have an experienced guide that can provide support when you need it.  Health insurance is now something that needs to be reviewed yearly as things constantly change.

     TV ads have spent millions to convince you that making a quick decision and easy web signup is all that matters.  With health insurance, there is much more at stake.  For most people, health insurance is your second largest monthly bill after housing.  

     Currently, there is no direct cost to purchase insurance through a broker.  However, I am only compensated if you list me as your broker/agent when you apply.  This is much appreciated and allows me to serve you.

This website was created with your needs in mind

  • Educate yourself on the issues you need to make an informed decision.
  • Compare plan details and premiums, and check providers
  • Find out the best way to apply for coverage

   To learn more about a specific line of business please click on the left-column tabs for more information.  I recommend you email or speak to me for specific advice. You can expect honest and competent help when you contact me without any pressure.   


Best regards,
Dan Neils
Agency Owner

PS  I help my clients by phone, combined with a screen-share appointment.  This will allow you to see my computer screen as we talk.
1. Call Dan at 503-650-4325 to set up a phone appointment.   If possible, if you could be in front of a computer when we talk, we can do a 'screen share' so I can show you things as we talk.   It's almost impossible to talk long about health insurance without visuals.

2. When we start our call, I'll direct you to http://www.join.me and give you a code to enter where it says "Join Meeting".  This will allow you to see my computer monitor through your browser as we discuss insurance options.  
3.  If you prefer we can schedule an in-person appointment.   I love to meet you face to face if you have the time.
DISCLOSURE:  We aim that all the quotes, brochures, and information on this site remain current and accurate, but rates and coverage are subject to change and vary by geographic location.  The insurance company always determines final approval, effective dates, and premiums.  If you find an error, please e-mail me at danneils@gmail.com, and I will correct it immediately.  
YOUR PRIVACY:  I value the protection of any personal information you provide me.  No information you share on this site will be used for purposes other than what you request-- to generate quotes with various insurance companies.  Maintaining your privacy is important to us, and your name and information will never be shared or sold.