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      This web page gets frequently updated as the plans I recommend change.  As of 5/24/17, here are the plans I recommend and why:

1.  STARMOUNT DENTAL PLAN  The 4 Starmount dental plans allow you to go to any dentist or save more by using a contracted provider.  The premiums range from $12.69 for a preventative plan with vision, to $34.69 to the Ultimate plan with a $2000 benefit max. Note these plans have a 12 month waiting period for 'Major' services.  If this is you need right now, consider the Spirit or Magunum plans.   A comprehensive vision plan can be added for about $12 per month.   See below for more info.

2.  SPIRIT DENTAL PLANS:   Spirit Dental offers 6 dental plans:   3 you can only go to Network dentists, 3 you can go to any dentist.  The only benefit of Spirit over the Starmount plans is no waiting period for major services:  So if you need the root canal or bridge, you can get 25% of it covered by buying the Spirit Dental Choice plan.   A comprehensive vision plan can be added for $7.00 more.   See below for more info.

3.  MAGNUM ACE DENTAL PLANS:  The Magnum Ace plans offer 1 plan with 3 benefit max options: The $1000 annual max plan is $27.55 month, $3000/$34.16, $5000 $36.37 I'd recommend this plan if you want the higher $3000 or $5000 annual benefit max.  You can see any dentist, or save more by choosing a Network/contracted provider.   The plans has a 12 month wait for Major services.   See below for more info.  

4.  DELTA DENTAL PLANS  The Delta Dental plans can only be selected if you have a qualifying event mid-year, or during Open Enrollment.  The chief advantage of these plans is no waiting periods for major services if you have had at least 12 months of prior dental coverage with no more than a 60 day gap.   



Starmount Dental Plans Underwritten by Starmount Insurance Company


Get quote, read brochure, check contracted providers and enroll: 

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Spirit Dental Plan Underwritten by Spirit Life Insurance Company

MAIN ADVANTAGE OF THIS PLAN:   This plan covers 25% of Major services with no waiting periods.  Most other plans have a 12 month wait if you were not previously covered.
Enroll online:  Quote, read brochure, check contracted providers:

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Magnum Dental Plans

Underwritten by Ace American Insurance Company

      The strength of the Magnum plans is the relative low premium, good list of network dentists, and higher out of pocket maximum options of $3000 and $5000.   Note the 12 month wait on Major services.
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Delta Dental Plans  

Main Advantages of their Plans:
Delta Dental will give you month-to-month credit towards the 12 month waiting period on major services if you have had prior dental coverage in the past 12 months with no greater than a 90 day lapse.   

NOTE:  You can only enroll in a Delta Dental plan during Open Enrollment or if you qualify for a Special Enrollment situation (SEP).   These plans are also available through the Marketplace.
Click on the link to view the plan brochure which shows all of the Delta Dental Plans.

Contracted Dentist Directory:

If you locate your dentist in the directory below make sure they are in the Delta Dental PPO Network.  This is the network for the Exclusive Plan.


 Apply/Enroll with the paper application    

    If you have had prior dental insurance the past 12 months, please use the paper application so that you can get credit towards the 6 and 12 month waiting periods.  To download the paper application please click on the link below:








       Under the Affordable Care Act law, all medical plans are required to cover all 10 'Essential Health Benefits', one of those being pediatric dental coverage---even for adults! If a medical plan doesn't have this embedded pediatric in the coverage, the carrier needs to make the consumer buy a stand-alone plan, or attest that they are buying it elsewhere. 


     1.  Check your medical plan to see if it includes the embedded pediatric dental coverage for kids under age 19.    

    2.  You can buy dental insurance like the Magnum, Spirit, or Delta Dental plans.   Kaiser and Providence offer an optional dental plan you can also add.

     2.   If you want to fulfill the letter of the law, enroll in the $0 premium Delta Dental PPO Bright Smiles plan.   The plan has no cost for adults, but it also covers nothing either. The plan is designed to fulfill the Pediatric Dental requirement.


I'm happy to discuss these many options at your convenience to see which plan which 

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