Short Term Medical insurance coverage was designed to fill in waiting periods and other various health insurance coverage gaps.  It also may be your only option if you missed buying coverage during Open Enrollment.   



  • You are waiting for an individual, Medicare, or Group plan to start and you want a lower cost solution for a few months.
  • You missed the January 31 Open Enrollment and are locked-out from being able to enroll until next January 1.   Short Term Medical may be your only option.
  • Here's a couple of things to know before purchasing coverage:

1. This plan will not help you avoid the tax penalty for having no coverage.

     These plans are not considered to be Minimum Essential Coverage under the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ACA). Therefore this coverage will not help you avoid the tax penalty for not having ACA-compliant health coverage.  The ACA requires that you be insured at least 10 months out of the year to avoid the tax penalty. 

2. The coverage does not cover pre-existing conditions:

    These plans DO NOT cover pre-existing conditions, nor preventative care, just new covered illness and injury that comes up. Please read the plan brochure and limitations prior to enrolling.   Short Term Medical insurance is not ACA compliant, therefore not subject to the same rules.

3. The plan offers either a single-pay (say 31 days) or monthly pay option (month to month for up to 6 months).  


Plan 1:  SecureSTM Plan
(Please chose the SecureSTM, not the SecureLite plan)

(Underwritting by Standard Security Life of New York and marketed by IHC Solutions)

SecureSTM Brochure

    Before considering the SecureSTM plan, you can read the brochure by clicking on the link below:   



Quote and Enroll 

    When you click on the quote link below, you will have the option of 

Please click on my link below to create a quote, read about coverage, and apply for coverage beginning as early as tomorrow:

IHC now only offers a monthly option.    If you want a single-pay option, (30, 60, 90 days...) choose the LifeMap plan.

Understand the Multi-plan Provider discount: 

   The SecureSTM plan includes 1 doctor or Urgent Care visit with a $50 copay.  If you go to a contracted Multiplan provider, you will only pay a contracted rate: which can save you substantially over going to a non-network provider.   You can search for network providers at the link below:


Plan 2:   LifeMap STM

        I include the LifeMap STM plan as an alternative option if you had to answer yes to one of the qualifying questions on the Secure plan application.  There are fewer disqualifying questions in the LifeMap enrollment application.    


Please click on my link below to view the review and apply:

 Note that coverage can begin as early as tomorrow if you enroll and make payment.


Other Resources if you are on a STM Plan


$39.00 Video Doctor Visits

    If you are covered under a STM plan and just want to do a video visit with a doctor, you can do this for $39.00 per visit from my tab "$39 video visits".   Go to my tab "Video Doctor Visits' for more information.



Just a reminder that if you need prescription drugs, I have a page the helps you shop for the best cash prices from various pharmacies.   Go to my tab "Prescription Drug Savings" for more information.

Compare the cost of drugs when paying cash at


































Secure Stm brochure

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