Short-term medical plans offer a lower-cost alternative to comprehensive health insurance.  Oregon restricts you to buying a 3 month contract, then waiting 60 days to re-enroll with that same company.  In light of this I have 2 good companies for those seeking a year of lower-cost coverage.

      For example, you could buy 3 months of coverage National General, then buy a 3 month contract with IHC Solutions, then go back to National General for 3 months, and so on.   Is this a pain?  For sure!  Is it worth it?   If you can only afford this kind of coverage it certainly may be worth the effort each quarter.   The risk?   If you develop a pre-existing condition that restricts you from qualifying for one of the policies you may be out of luck.

  Be sure to review the plan coverage, limitations, and understand contracted provider networks prior to enrolling.   Short Term medical plans do not cover pre-existing conditions or medications.  I recommend people with medications shop the 'cash' price using

I offer plans from 2 companies.  Each plan has a distinct advantage.  The National General offers better coverage, but does not cover pre-existing conditions you may have.  The IHC plan will cover limited pre-existing conditions up to a $25,000 maximum benefit.

Plan #1  National General Insurance Company  

      I like the package National General offers with a $1,000,000 per contract max benefit, unlimited $50 Urgent Care visits, and a large national network of contracted providers. For example, a 40-year-old can purchase a $2500 deductible, 80/20% design plan for about $103 per month.  (By comparison, the least expensive Individual Health plan is $271 per month with a $6000 deductible)  You have a choice of deductibles and coinsurance % that the company pays.  I usually recommend the $1000 or $2500 deductible with 80% coinsurance, but pick the option best for you.

National General Brochure   

Click on the link below to view the plan details.  Be sure to review the plan limitations and exclusions so that you know what you are buying.  Coverage can be purchased with a 1-3 month contract.  You can then reapply for coverage for another 3 months.  Be sure to read the limitation and exclusion section to make sure you understand what you are buying.



Get A Quote and Enroll:  (Coverage can begin as early as tomorrow)


Plan #2  IHC Solutions

(Insured by Independence American Insurance Company)

    IHC offers 2 distinct plans: The Connect Value Plan, and the Connect Plus Plan.
Both plans cover limited pre-existing conditions up to a $25,000 maximum benefit:   
The Connect Value is lower cost but has dollar limitations on various services which can be significant if you have a major health issue.  However, the premiums are much lower if cost is driving your needs.  For 
example, a 40 year old can purchase a Value plan with a $2500 deductible and 80/20% coinsurance for $93.53 per month.  The Plus plan with more comprehensive coverage would cost $236.23 per month.

IHC  Brochures   

Click on the link below to view the plan details.  Be sure to review the plan limitations and exclusions so that you know what you are buying.  Coverage can be purchased with a 1-3 month contract.  You can then reapply for coverage for another 3 months.

IHC Connect_Value_Brochure.pdf

IHC Connect_Plus_Brochure.pdf


Get A Quote and Enroll:  (Coverage can begin as early as tomorrow)

   Click on the link below to quote both the Value and Plus plans together.  Coverage can begin as early as next day.  You can choose a 1-3 month contract, then reapply for another contract.




Additional Resources For National General

Contracted Provider Lookup 

You always pay less going to a contracted provider.  National General uses the Aetna, Open Choice PPO Network, which you can search at the link below: 

N. G. Member Services:  888-781-0585


Pre-authorizations for surgery and hospitalization:  866-596-5817
Locate a PPO Provider by phone:   866-596-5817

File a claim: 888-781-0585

Cancel your coverage:   

Include your name, date, first and last name and member id number.
Email:  fax 888-344-3232 phone 888-781-0585
Additional Resources for IHC Solutions

IHC Contracted Provider Lookup 



     IHC contracts with the Multiplan/PHCS network:   If you see a provider in this network you only pay a contracted rate.


Helpful IHC SOLUTIONS Information:

Cancel your coverage:  Fax 815-633-0277 with your case number and name and date you want the plan to cancel or call policy services.

IHC Billing:    800-397-5800

IHC Claims:   866-513-1479

New policy services:   800-397-5800 or email at


Consider pairing this plan with an Accident & Critical Care plan

    I like the Plan B Metal Gap plan underwritten by Madison National Life.  The plan costs a reasonable $30.69 per month for an individual and $54.87 per month for 2 or more people.   It provides up to $6350 for an Accident and $7500 for various Critical Care situations.  To read the brochure, quote and enroll please use the link below:


Plan #3  LifeMap:  Only 2 qualifying questions
   I do offer a third Short Term Medical plan you can explore from a company called LifeMap.  I would only use this plan if you get denied with National General or IHC due to one of the qualifying questions.    
Click on the link below to get a quote and enroll.  Be sure you read the plan coverage and limitations prior to enrolling:


Other Resources to help you if you have a STM plan


$49.00 Video Doctor Visits through Providence Express Care Virtual

    Providence Express Care Virtual is available to anyone, whether you have insurance or not.  You can do a video visit with a doctor or nurse for a flat $49.00 per visit (free in most Providence plans).   I've tried it out and it is extremely convenient.  You can download the Express Care Virtual app for your phone, or from a laptop start at the link below:


$149 Providence Express Care Clinics

     If you need more than the video visit, you can visit a Providence clinic for a flat $149.  Services like immunizations, labs and minor procedures cost additional.   Many Providence plans include this service at no additional cost.


Milwaukie Walgreens location


    Since the Short Term Medical plan does not include prescription drug coverage, you may need to educate yourself on finding affordable drugs if you need them.  I created a web page at the link below to help you.


One more disclaimer so I'm very clear about these plans....


     These products are not qualifying health coverage (“Minimum Essential Coverage”) that satisfies the health coverage requirement of the Affordable Care Act. If you don't have Minimum Essential Coverage, you may owe an additional payment with your taxes.  This is not the case for 2019. The termination or loss of this policy does not entitle you to a special enrollment period to purchase a health benefit plan that qualifies as minimum essential coverage outside of an open enrollment period. These products may include a pre-existing condition exclusion provision.

National General STM Brochure

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IHC Connect Brochure

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IHC Connect Value Brochure

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