Who depends on your income?  What would happen if your income was cut off next month due to an unexpected accident?  Would your family continue to function financially?   Life Insurance provides for those you leave behind to pay debts, provide for the funeral expenses, and provide financial resources for those who depend on you financially now.



      Part of the life insurance decision comes down to the question, "How much would your dependents need to replace your income, or pay your obligations if you died?"  A quick rule-of-thumb is to consider having life insurance equal to about  6-10 times your current income to replace a wage-earner's income.   A financial needs analysis can help refine this estimate.  There's a great non-profit site that can help you determine and understand your potential needs.  Click on the link below to visit this site.



Preparing an accurate Life Insurance Quote

     There are many web sites for the do-it-yourselfer to get online life insurance quotes. The problem is we all have different health histories, weight, family factors and weird stuff that can affect the final rate.  Many companies lure you in with quotes of uber-low rates, then after all the Underwriting, exams, medical records and thus, they come back offering you a higher rate.



       By being on my web page I'm assuming your looking for a little advice and guidance.   If you would like me to guide you into life insurance options that may best meet your needs, I will need some confidential info to help determine which company may best serve you and offer the most competitive pricing.   Please download my questionaire from the link below, then email, fax or mail it to my office for review. This will help me get started in an informed way and better serve you.





Most people avoid buying life insurance because:


1.  It's hard to admit that we could die young due to accident or illness.   We all know people who have suffered this fate, but we live in denial that it could happen to us.

2.  We always think we have more time than we do.   Once we grudgingly admit that we probably should have life insurance, we put off the act of applying because it seems so unlikely that this year could be our last.   

3.  We sometimes wait to shop for life insurance when we develop health issues:      Life Insurance costs are based on your age, weight, and ability to qualify medically.  You can apply for coverage with absolutely no obigation, then after the policy is offered you can take a 30-day free look before the final decision to accept the policy.

For most people life insurance becomes affordable if you recognized and prioritize income protection as an essential part of your financial plan.  

I use a local life insurance brokerage firm that that chooses the lowest cost and most stable life insurance companies.   

If you would like a no-obligation quote please call me at 503-650-4325 or email me at danneils@gmail.com