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 Dan Neils   Agency Owner


Home office location:    19652 McCord Rd.  Oregon City, OR 97045

Primary Phone  503-740-0535

(Texting is ok though I prefer email contact for business questions)  

Email:   danneils@gmail.com


 Schedule an appointment with Dan

If you'd like to set up an appointment with me feel free to call or email me and we'll arrange a time to talk or meet.  You can also view my online calendar and set up a time convenient to talk or meet.

CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment with Dan


Directions and Hours

     My insurance sanctuary is my large in-home office, located in Oregon City.  I am available to help you 'by appointment only'  for in-office visits most days.  I have two white, Agape Insurance signs in the yard and my house is clearly marked.  Please park in my driveway.    If you would like to enter without stairs, please let me know in advance and I can let you in through my garage on ground level.

     If you're the kind of person who likes to "check someone out" before doing business with them, you can call The Department of Consumer & Business Services (Insurance Division) at 503-947-7981 (or on the web) to inquire about Agape Insurance Services Inc. and Dan Neils. I've been working as Agape Insurance since 2002.


Schedule a phone & screen-share appointment

  I value your time!   

Many of my clients meet with me by phone with a computer screen-share.   You don't need to be computer savvy.  Here's how it works:    

1.  First, we set a time for the phone appointment.  Please be in front of a computer at our meeting time.     

2.  Prior to our meeting I will email you a highlighted link that says 'Join Meeting'.   Click the link and enter your name:  Simple as that.  This will allow you to see my computer screen as we talk.    If you are are watching from a cell phone or tablet you will need to download the join.me app first.



1.   Take exit 10;  Which take you up Hwy 213 past Clackamas Community College

2.  Turn Right on the light at Meyers Rd--which is by the Carl's Jr.

3.  Go down Meyers Rd to the 2nd stop-sign, then turn Left onto Leland Rd.

4.  Take Leland straight 1/8 mile until Leland veers left, or you can go straight onto McCord Rd.

5.  As you turn onto McCord Rd, the road turns right and my house is on the inside corner--a large split level home clearly marked 19652.   Please park in the driveway.   There are also 2 white Agape Insurance signs in the yard.


GPS will take you a less direct route but get you here.







Information updated 1/25/2024