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Group Health Insurance

     I specialize in helping employers who have less than 25 employees. Health insurance premiums keep risings, and it can be a challenge to continue to offer coverage.    I work with Kaiser, Providence, Regence and HealthNet for small group plans.


     Should you decide to set up an HRA and offer individual plans, I'm an expert in this area, working with the Marketplace.

Some basics for offering a Group Medical Plan:

1.  You need at least 75% of 'eligible' full-time employees to participate in your group plan.  They don't count employees 'waiving' coverage to a spouse, who have VA or OHP, or other group coverage.

2.    As the employer you must pay at least 50% of the employee-only premium.   Most small group plans allow you to offer 1-3 different plans.

3.   Plan premiums are locked in for 12 months from your policy effective date, then change annually.

Why consider an employee?

    Employee-Only contracts are available.  This means that you do not offer coverage to the spouse & children.  If your employees are middle-income their dependents can only use the Federal Marketplace and qualify for a tax credit if they are not being offered group health coverage.  Many employees also qualify for free coverage for their kids...but again, only if you are not offering them group health coverage.  

A radical new option for 2020!

     Starting 1/1/20 Employers are able to set up a HRA (Health Reimbursement Arrangement), that allows the employer to contribute a determined amount each month that employees can use to buy individual health insurance on their own.   The amount paid would be a non-taxed benefit to the employee, and a deduction to the employer.

      Example:  Instead of offering an expensive benefits plan, let's say the Employer agrees to reimbursement up to $300 per month to the employee through an HRA.   The employee is free to use this money to buy medical, and/or dental coverage.


To the employee:

  • The employee gets to select the plan that best meets their needs and desires.
  • The amount the employee receives is a pre-taxed benefit to the employee

To the employer: 

  • You only pay out that money each month if the employee pays for coverage.    If they chose not to buy insurance, you pay nothing.
  • The amount you pay into the HRA is fully deductible.
  • Your employees are happier because they get to control what plan they pick.





Give Dan a call at 503-650-4325 and let's talk about your situation.  You can also email me at danneils@gmail.com 


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