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       Medicare Advantage Plan marketing is carefully regulated by the Center for Medicare Services (CMS). On this webpage I will only talk generally about Medicare health plans, and invite you to contact me should you like my assistance in finding a plan that you feel will meet your needs.   


      Medicare Advantage Plans: 

   Since 2002 I have represented a variety of Medicare Advantage plans in Oregon.  Coverage can change each year and I work hard to understand the various provider networks, and additional benefits some companies offer which may including dental, vision, alternative care, and potentially other benefits.  I am contracted to represent 5 companies in Oregon.

      Medicare Supplement/Medigap Plans:

       Medicare Supplement and Medigap Plans are both terms to describe the same type of policy.  I represent several companies in Oregon and also offer several stand-alone Part D prescription drug plans. 

To sign up for any Medicare health plan, you must be signed up for both Part A and Part B of Medicare. 



     I have been working with various Medicare plans since 2002 and should you enroll in a plan with my assistance I am paid a commission that is paid by the insurance carrier, not the consumer.   I would be happy to sit down with you to answer your questions and share information on any of the specific plans I represent with no obligation that you buy or make a decision.



     If you would like to set up an appointment to discuss either type of  Medicare Health Plan, you can set up an appointment on my calendar now by clicking on the link below:




You can also reach me by phone at 503-650-4325, Text me at 503-740-0535,  or email me at danneils@gmail.com 


Meeting disclosure:   
     I need to disclose that by requesting an appointment, you
are agreeing to be contacted by Dan Neils, a licensed sales agent,  by email or phone to discuss information about Medicare Health Insurance plans.  This will be a solicitation for insurance and I am compensated by the insurance carrier should you select me as your broker, however you will be at no obligation to purchase anything in response to our meeting.   Prior to discussing a specific policy I am required to have you sign a 'Scope of Appointment' form outlining which exact plan I will be discussing.



last updated 12/03/2021