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Individual Dental Plans 


     Dental insurance plans are constantly changing.  One company will offer a plan I like, then they discontinue it or raise the premiums.  This web page changes multiple times a year as the plans available change.  The different options offer unique solutions for your dental needs.  The premiums start at about $24 per month for the .


#1   "BestOne" Dental PPO Plans

(Underwritten by Best Life & Health Insurance Company)

2 Plans to choose from:  Economy & Choice PPO Plans

     The Economy Plan includes Exams, Cleanings, Lab & X-Ray, Fillings & more.  The plan does not include services for 'Major' services like crowns, bridges, implants, root canals, and more.  Premiums start at about $25 per month.

The  Choice Plan includes robust coverage with either a $3000 or $5000 maximum benefit.  This plan includes all levels of care including crowns, bridges, implants and root canals in addition to preventative.  Read the brochure carefully to make sure you understand the coverage, waiting periods, and plan limitations and exclusions.  Premiums start at about $46 per month.

Why use a dentist in the PPO Network?  

     If you use a dentist in the DenteMax network, you will only pay a contacted rate for the care, and not be balance billed.  If you see a non-contracted dentist, BestOne will pay what they would have paid the contracted dentist, and you may be balance billed for the difference.   You can search the network of contracted dentists at the link below:



Take a look at the plan brochure

Click on the link below to view the plan brochure:   Coverage can begin the 1st of 15th following the date of application.




Get A Quote and Enroll: (click the link below)





(Underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company
and administered by The Loomis Company)

Customer Service 866-473-6615 

6 Plans to choose from:  Indemnity & PPO Plans

     The  Independence Plans:  3 of the Plans are 'Indemnity Plans', which means you can use any dentist.   The other 3 plans are PPO Plans--which actually offers better benefits because the cost with the dentist is fixed, and the dentist agrees not to 'balance bill' you if they don't get paid enough.

Reasonable premiums:  

     Premiums range from $31 to $45 per month.  These plans have no waiting period for Preventative and Cleanings, a 6 month wait for fillings, and a 12 month waiting period for major services including crowns, bridges, and other major care.  Coverage begin on the day of your choice and you can cancel anytime.

Take a look at the plan brochure

Click on the link below to view the plan brochure   Note the plans limitations and exclusions.  



Choice to add  Accident & Critical Care policy 

      While quoting the dental also consider the Gap Accident & Critical Care policy, that starts about about $14 extra per month.  This would pay the first $2500-$7500 of your expenses if you had an accident or critical care situation.   Many people buy high deductible medical plans and this is a great companion policy you're be thankful you have if you have a serious accident.

Get A Quote and Enroll:

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              (Underwritten by Ameritas Life Insurance Corp)


    There are 2 major benefits of the Spirit Dental plans over the Independence plans.

1.  NO WAITING PERIODS:   There are no waiting period for fillings and major services:   However, there is a graded benefit, meaning the plan may pay 25% of major services year 1, and a higher benefit year 2 and 3.

2.  HIGHER MAXIMUM BENEFITS:   While Independence offers a $1000 of $1500 maximum benefits, the Spirit Dental plans offer up to a $5000 maximum benefit (increasing from year one).   

Choice of Indemnity or PPO Plans:  $1200-$5000 benefit max

The 4 Network plans only allow you to see contracted dentists only (PPO) , and the 4 Choice plans allow you to see any dentist (Indemnity), or save money if you use a contracted provider.   The benefit maximum ranges from $1200 to $5000 maximum.

Choice to add Eyemed Vision for $7 month additional

      When applying for coverage you have the option of adding a vision plan for $7 per month additional, perfect if you wear glasses or contacts.

 Get A Quote and Enroll: 

Coverage can begin either on the 1st or 15th of month.  Click on my link below to get a quote, review the plan coverage brochure, check the provider network and apply/enroll:  





     Delta Dental may be your best choice if you have or will lose group health insurance in the next 60 days (or recently lost coverage in past 60 days).    When you enroll with Delta Dental and provide proof of prior coverage, Delta Dental will waive the 12 month waiting period for major services, and the 6 month waiting period for fillings.  This plan is available also through the Marketplace as one of the options presented.

    The Dental Dental plan I recommend is the Exclusive PPO Plan.  The plan offers a $1500 annual maximum benefit, and the contacted providers are the Delta Dental PPO Network, but not the Premier Network).

Please confirm with your dentist that they accept the Delta Dental PPO network before you enroll.

View the plan brochure which includes all of the plans and rates by clicking on the link below:



Search for providers in the  Delta Dental PPO Network using the link below:




     If you've lost group health insurance in the past 60 days (or will lose coverage soon), you can apply with Moda using the paper application below:   


2020 OR Individual Dental Application.pdf




   Delta Dental is one of the worst company I have ever worked with when it comes to managing your billings.   Please consider signing up for the auto bill pay so that it is THEIR responsibility to take out the money.  If you send them a paper bill and check there is a good chance they will botch up the payment and maybe cancel you.  I've had it happen often.  Delta Dental Customer Service  is 800-452-1058     

I'm here to help!  Give me a call at 503-650-4325 or email me questions at danneils@gmail.com and I'm happy to direct you to the plan to fit your needs and budget.  


















































































































































Delta Dental Exclusive PPO Plan

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Independence Dental Brochure 2020

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Delta Dental application

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Delta Dental Brochure 2020

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BestOne Dental Brochure

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