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BestOne Dental Plan


     There are generally 2 type of people:   Those that have great teeth and get cleanings once or twice a year, and those who sometimes need major work like root canal's, implants, crowns and bridges. 

     BestOne life offers an affordable insurance option for both types of people.   The Economy Plan is less expensive and does not include Major services and the Choice plan is comprehensive with a $5000 annual benefit maximum.   (Underwritten by Best Life & Health Insurance Company)


BestOne Economy Plan 

     The Economy Plan costs from $25-$28 per month for a $1500 maximum benefit plan.  Cleanings/exams/bitewing x-rays 100% with no waiting period, with a $25 copay per visit.     In addition, the Economy plan offers 80% coverage of fillings, and much more.   This plan does not cover Major Services.   If you get your teeth cleaned twice a year this plan offers a decent value, even compared to those who pay cash.   You can use any dentist, but save if you use someone in the contracted provider network.   

BestOne Choice Plan

    The Choice plan costs $48-$52 per month for a $5000 maximum benefit plan.  All levels of care including crowns, bridges, implants and root canals in addition to preventative care with a $3000 or $5000 maximum benefit.   Please note that the plan covers 10% for major services year 1, then 60% after 12 months. 

Please review the plan brochure to review plan limitations prior to enrolling.


CLICK HERE to view the BestOne Dental Brochure

Get A Quote and Apply for Coverage

    Click on the link below to get a quote and to make application:  Note that the only payment option is an automatic bank payment only.  Be prepared with a voided check to enter this info when you apply (no credit cards are accepted right now for this plan).    I can also take your application by phone if you prefer that.

CLICK HERE to get a quote and enroll in BestOne Dental 


Dental Network:
     BestOne uses the national 
DenteMax network  and Connections Network for their contracted networks.   You can see a non-contracted dentist, but BestOne will pay your non-contracted dentist what they would have paid a contracted provider.   It will likely cost you more if you use a non-contracted provider should they not accept the contracted rates paid to them.

CLICK HERE to search BestOne Dentemax Network Dentists 


  I'm here to help! 

Give me a call at 503-650-4325 or email me questions at danneils@gmail.com  




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