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    Since 2002, I've been helping Oregonians objectively evaluate and understand the ever-changing health insurance marketplace.  I work hard to understand the multitude of issues pertaining to purchasing health insurance in Oregon, then apply this knowledge to help you make a more informed buying decision.  

    In the tabs to your left you will find detailed discussions of the various insurance products I represent. If you would like to call me or schedule an appointment please go to my Contact Info tab.

     So why work with a Broker?  

     In short, because you can get expert guidance at no direct cost to you.   There are many plan options available, important tax laws that can affect plan cost,  and companies that sometimes utilize multiple provider networks.    It can be comforting to have an expert guide you to uncover the important issues that affect your decision making.  It is not difficult to enroll on your own--it's difficult to correctly understand what you are purchasing.

     If you choose to enroll for insurance on your own, please list me as your broker.   As your broker I can work as your advocate if you have issues with the carrier.   There is no premium savings by figuring it all out yourself, and you are more prone to error or misunderstanding when you go at it alone.  

     TV ads have spent millions trying to persuade you that making a quick decision and easy web signup is all that matters.  For most people health insurance and medical costs are the second largest monthly bill after housing, so the issue is worthy of some thoughtful consideration.    

     In addition to helping you with your initial buying decision, as your broker I am available throughout the year to provide ongoing assistance and advice as needed.  I update this website as things change, and will contact you annually before your health insurance plan renews and changes.

   To learn more about a specific line of business please click on the tabs on the left for more information.  I recommend you email or speak to me for specific advice prior to making application so that you can confirm your understanding of what you are enrolling in.  You can expect honest, competent, and no-pressure advice when you work with me. 

I'm here to be of service to you. 

Dan Neils
Agency Owner   

      I aim that all the quotes, brochures, and information on this site remain current and accurate, but rates and coverage are subject to change and vary by geographic location, and brochures sometimes change.  The insurance company always determines final approval, effective dates, and premiums.  If you find an error, please e-mail me at danneils@gmail.com,  and I will correct it immediately.  

    I value the protection of any personal information you provide me.  No information you share on this site will be used for purposes other than what you request-- to generate quotes with various insurance companies.  Maintaining your privacy is important to us, and your name and information will never be shared or sold.    
Information updated 1/25/2024