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Provider Directories 


     It can be tough to look up providers to see if they are 'In-Network' with the plan you are on.  To better try to help you I've designed this web page to offer aid to my clients.   I'll list the plan I sell, and links to the corresponding network online.

Individual Plan Directories

Providence Individual Plans:
    Providence require that you select a 'Medical Home' clinic in the corresponding network your plan works is associated with.  The Connect plans use the Connect Network.  The Choice and Standard plans use the larger Choice Network.  Using the link below, search as a 'non-member'.   


Kaiser Individual Plans:   

    Kaiser providers include all of the Kaiser providers!   You can search for them at:

     Kaiser also contracts with all of the non-Kaiser Portland Clinics.  You can see any Portland Clinic provider as a Kaiser member.  You can search providers or set up an appointment at Portland Clinic at:

PacificSource Individual Plans:

    For 2020, PacificSource is changing from the Legacy Health Network to the new Navigator Network.   Take note.  Search for providers in the Navigator network at:
Moda Health Individual Plans:

    For 2020, Moda is discontinuing the Legacy Health network and will only be using the Beacon Network.   You can search for providers at:
 Bridgespan Health Individual Plans:

    For 2020, Bridgespan will be using the OHSU Plus Network.  You can search for providers at:

Medicare Advantage Directories

Providence Medicare Advantage Plans:

    In the provider search tool below, select that network that corresponds with the plan you are on for 2020.   Enter a search radius of 50 miles and your zip code.   Be sure to not just find your doctor, but note what locations are  In-network.  Sometimes a doctor works at 4 offices, and only 3 are In-Network.


AARP United HealthCare Medicare Advantage Plans:

    Special Notes:    United HealthCare uses a variety of networks for their plans.  To look up specific In-Network providers, start by clicking the link below.  Put in your zip code and select your specific plan. 

IMPORTANT:   When you find your doctor in the directory, look at the 'Locations" tab to verify that the office you see them at is In-Network.  Sometimes a doctor sees patients at 4 clinics, and only 3 are 'In Network'.  Secondly, click on the 'Accepted Plans' tab to verify that they take your specific plan.  Sometimes a doctor will take the HMO plans, but NOT the PPO plans as In-Network.   A little confusing?  It sure can be.  



Regence Medicare Advantage Plans:

     Special to note:  For the HMO plans,  Regence contracts with the  Providence, Legacy, and OHSU hospitals.   For the PPO Plans, the In Network hospitals do not include Providence.   


HealthNet HealthCare Medicare Advantage Plans:

    Special Notes:   HealthNet  uses a variety of networks for their plans.  Make sure you select the network that corresponds with your plan name.

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