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health insurance plans today  have an out of pocket maximum of over $9000.  Many claims related to personal accidents can come with big medical bills, like a broken wrist or leg that needs to be surgically repaired.    If you have a medical plan with a high out of pocket maximum, consider purchasing a stand-alone Accident-Only policy as a companion plan.

       I offer an excellent solution with a stand-alone Accident Policy offered by Allstate Health Solutions called the Plan Enhancer policy.  The plan offers a choice of benefits from $2500 to about $10,000.   The plan pays in addition to what health insurance pays and the policy helps you pay your out of pocket expenses related to an accident.   

     I always consider it a shame when someone breaks their arm, then needs it surgically repaired to find themselves $9000 or better out of pocket.   Always read the plan limitations and exclusions to make sure you understand what is being offered.


 Review Accident Policy brochure

     Please read the policy plan for limitations and exclusions so that you know what to expect.  Click on the link below to view the plan brochure.


CLICK HERE to view Plan Enhancer Accident Policy Brochure


Get a quote and enroll

     With Allstate Health Solutions, to quote the accident policy, click the link and fill in the quote page to quote 'Short Term Medical' coverage for 3 months.  When the quotes come up, you will see the Accident Insurance tab at the top with quotes on the various options.


CLICK HERE to get a quote and enroll 




     You can reach Allstate Health Solutions at 888-781-0585   





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