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 Stand-alone Accident Insurance


OVERVIEW:  If you have a health insurance deductible over $5000, having a stand-alone Accident policy is a good companion plan should you encounter an unexpected and costly accident, which happens for some of my clients every year.



     As health insurance deductibles gets higher each year, one way to prepare for bills associated with an accident is to buy a stand-alone accident policy.   As an example one friend just feel down a stairs and broker her hip.  Another crashed riding dirt bikes, another just a slip on the ice leading to a broken arm requiring surgery, another a skiing accident.   


      You can select a benefit amount from $2500-$8000 maximum per person with a $250 deductible.  Examples:  A man age 50 can purchase a plan with a  $2500 maximum benefit for about $11 per month, a $5000 benefit for about $18 and a $6500 benefit for about $22 per month.   Family rates are also very reasonable.

Review the plan brochure

     Please read the policy plan for limitations and exclusions so that you know what to expect.  You can click on the link below to view the plan brochure.



Get A Quote and Enroll: 

     With National General, to quote the accident policy, click the link and fill in the quote page to quote 'Short Term Medical' coverage for 3 months.  When the quotes come up, you will see the Accident Insurance tab at the top with quotes on the various options.


Application & Quote Instructions:     

     When you get to the 'Who are you shopping for?', enter in your date of birth, gender, and under 'payment option' check monthly, under the 'start coverage' put the 1st of the next month.    Finally under the 'coverage for up to' put 3 months.    Then click 'Continue'.   

     What will come up is plans for Short Term Medical quotes.   You'll see a tab on the top left that says "Accident'.  Click on this and then you will see the Accident plans.  Pick the plan you want and click 'add to cart'.  Click 'view cart', then 'check out' and it takes you to the application.
























































































































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National General Accident Brochure

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