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 Prescription Drug Savings


     Prescription drugs can be very expensive and it pays to shop around for savings.  This web page is intended to help you with ideas of saving on prescription drug costs if your drug is expensive.


1.  Begin by seeing what the insurance cost for your drug is

    Begin by seeing what your insurance plan would charge you for the prescription.   If the cost is high, don't pay it until you look at the options below:


2.  Next check  www.goodrx.com  to see their cash price is.

  This website provides cash-price discounts for most prescription drugs and is available to anyone without membership or cost.   You can look up your drug and dosage to find a cash price that may be lower that what your insurance plan offers you.   

EXAMPLE:   Let's say you get a rash and the your doctor prescribes you a tube of ointment that costs $90 insurance cost.    It may cost you only $30 of you buy it using GoodRX.

GoodRX.com  can also help you find the drug manufacturers discount programs for the expensive drugs.   Take a $1000 drug like Ozempic and there may be a program to help make it more affordable if you are lower income.

3.  Check at www.prescriptionhope.com for help with expensive drugs

    Prescription hope is a service that manages patient-assistance programs for individuals with expensive drugs.  They set a service fee of $60 for each medication no matter the retail cost of the medication.    They can be contacted at 877-296-4673 for more details on their program.


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