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Moda Individual Health Plans

    Moda offers a broad range of providers for 2024 in the Beacon Network in Oregon.    For hospitals Moda partners with OHSU, Adventist and Tuality Community in the Portland area.

You can preview all plans and rates at www.healthcare.gov using the link below:

Preview the Providence Plans and rates for 2024

Click Here to preview plans at www.healthcare.gov 


 Moda Plan Brochure


     The brochure below is for the Moda plans in the greater Portland areas and counties that use the Beacon Network.  Outside the Portland area is another network called the Affinity Network. Email me at danneils@gmail.com and I can email you should you live outside of the greater Portland area.  

Click Here to view the Moda Plan Brochure 2024.pdf


Moda Health Plan Providers

     Moda uses a network of providers called the Beacon Network in the Portland area.  When you travel outside of Oregon,  they use a national network called the Aetna PPO Network for Emergency and Urgent Care.  

Moda contracted hospitals in the Portland areas:
       Moda contracts with OHSU, Portland Adventist, and Tuality Community Hospitals in the Portland area.  (not Providence or Legacy)


PLEASE Enroll through the Marketplace

    I only recommend my clients purchase coverage through the Marketplace, not direct with Moda.   There are potential problems applying direct with Moda should your income change.   

If you would like to set up an appointment with me to apply for Moda:

Click Here to  schedule an appointment with Dan



     The Marketplace application asks "Is someone helping you complete this application?"  Here I appreciate you saying yes, then adding my agent name, Dan Neils, and NPN  757811.  This allows me to be compensated at no cost to you, and appoints as your broker should you need help during the year.   

   Should you like my help enrolling or completing the annual enrollment I am at your service.  Just call me at 503-650-4325 or email me at danneils@gmail.com to set up a phone time or in person.  I can complete an application in 1/6 the time you can do so alone, and I can help you avoid common mistakes that are easy to make in an unfamiliar application.



    When you have expensive prescription drugs it's important to see what drugs are on the Formulary and at what tier. The page you can find these answers is below:



Moda Customer service:   888-393-2940

Moda Billing & Eligibility:  503-265-5696

Delta Dental Customer Service 800-452-1058

Dan Neils 503-650-4325 danneils@gmail.com









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Moda Plan Brochure 2024

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