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Kaiser Individual Plans


    Kaiser offers a large portfolio of plans with excellent rates in Oregon for 2023. In addition to access to the Kaiser offices and facilities nationwide,  Kaiser members can also access the 6 Portland Clinic Offices and their Urgent Care with over 100 doctors & Specialists. 

Preview the Kaiser plans and rates for 2023

Click Here to preview Kaiser plans at www.healthcare.gov 


 2023 Kaiser Medical Brochure

     Click on the link below to preview the 2023 Kaiser plans and rates.   

CLICK HERE to view the Kaiser Brochure for 2023


Enroll through the  Marketplace

I encourage all of my clients to only enroll for Kaiser plans through the Marketplace, NOT direct with Kaiser.  If your income changes next year this could save you financial heartbreak.


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    Kaiser has it's own network of providers in Oregon as well as Kaiser providers in many states.  You can search for providers using my link below.    You can also access all Kaiser providers across the country.

 CLICK HERE to search Kaiser Providers 

    Kaiser members can also visit the non-Kaiser Portland Clinic offices around the Portland area with over 100 providers to choose from.

  Should you apply on your own

The Marketplace application asks "Is someone helping you complete this application?"  Here I appreciate you saying yes, then adding my agent name, Dan Neils, and NPN # 757811.  This allows me to be compensated at no cost to you, and appoints as your broker should you need help during the year.   


   Should you like my help enrolling or completing the annual enrollment I am at your service.  Just call me at 503-650-4325 or email me at danneils@gmail.com to set up a phone time or in person.  I can complete an application in half the time you can do so alone, and I can help you avoid common mistakes that are easy to make in an unfamiliar application.


Consider adding a stand-alone Accident policy

   If you select a high-deductible health plan, it can get expensive if you have an accident such as skiing injury, or just tripping down some stairs.  Personally, I have a stand-alone Accident policy with Allstate Health Solutions that will cover $8000 towards an accident with a $250 deductible.  It costs about $40 per month for our family of 4.  You can get a quote and enroll from my 'Accident Insurance' page on the Left.

How to make your initial payment?

     If you purchased through the Marketplace and want to make payment you can make your payment by logging into their website (after a few weeks after enrollment) at https://kp.org/paypremium or via our phone system at 1-844-524-7370.   

Payment is due by the coverage start date so don't wait for them if you don't get a bill, be proactive.

     If you don't make this initial premium payment with the Marketplace on time, your policy will not go into effect and you will be locked out of being able to buy health insurance for the year.

What should you do if you have a direct-written plan with Kaiser but want to change to a Marketplace plan?    

     First, write the Marketplace plan, then contact Kaiser to cancel your direct-written plan.    

 Helpful tips with Kaiser

    In addition to in person doctor visits, you can schedule a free video appointment with a Kaiser provider from the Kaiser App or from your KP.org account.
    Once you create an account at www.kp.org you can email your doctor, schedule an appointment, or even a video visit at no cost.   
   To cancel coverage you can call member services.

Kaiser Customer Service 

Kaiser Customer service: 503-813-2000


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